Friday, September 27, 2013

Spider Time

Brandon came home from work the other day he saw and pointed out a huge spider spinning his web off the second story of the house. 

Well I hate spiders so I asked Brandon to get the ladder out so I could go get the spider. First I thought I would smash it but then I thought the kids might like to see it so I grabbed a jar. 

 Let me just say once I climbed up on the roof of our house and got closer to the spider catching it din't sound so fun. Like what the heck am I going to do if it somehow this spider crawls on me not really think about the fact that I could slip and fall off the roof of the house.  Well at this point I wasn't going to back down I was 2 feet away from this giant spider and Hunter, Hailey and Brandon were watching me. I took a deep breath and went in to catch it thankfully it didn't crawl on me and there was not problems catching it.

Hunter and Hailey got to check the spider out when I got down, Weston was still sleeping. 

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  1. this is a pretty funny blog post. I like it. hahaha


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