Sunday, September 15, 2013

Succulents Center Piece

About 4 months back I put together a couple center pieces for my girlfriends wedding shower, it was a garden tea themed. I thought it would be super cute to have a tray of plants with a tea cup resting inside of the plants. 

After her shower I made sure to grab one of the center pieces because I really wanted to fill it with succulents. I waited this whole time for the seasonal plants to die so I could replant but keep the succulents that I have originally planted in there. 

This morning when Brandon was making breakfast Weston and I snuck off to get coffee and succulents. 

Don't you just love his shoes? These were the only shoes that fit him he said when we where leaving. It was defiantly something I felt wasn't worth battling over, so I just grabbed a his shoes and through them in my bag incase he changed his mind. Well he was happy as can be in the shoes he chose. 

Here are all the plants we got, they were all pretty much 2 bucks each. 

Since my dirt was a little dry I watered it a little to loosen it up, then I planted away. It took me maybe 5 minutes.  

I brought the plants inside and set them on my desk. I am hoping they do good here. 

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