Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back to School for Sewing

Threading the bobbin

About 2 months backs a friend of mine asked if I would be interesting in taking a sewing class, she would host this class at her home. Our teacher, Darcie, actually teachers kids that are home schooled in the local area.  There are 5 gals in this semi-private 4 hour class. 

Word search to start, then went over all the words.

We are starting from the basics which is good since the last time I was in a sewing class was Mrs. Singleton's Home Economics class in 8th grade. A couple years back I bought a machine.  I have sewn a few things, but have gotten a little scared off by things I didn't know. Also it is hard for me to sew being that I feel like I need a good spot to set up.  Now that the boys are in school some days maybe I can get my sewing on. 

Time to sew our samples. 

First Sample was sew a plain seam. 

Second Sample was to sew a plain seam with a zigzagged seam to finish it off. I did this twice, I felt like my first wasn't good enough. 

 This was our sixth sample which was to sew a corner.  I also realized I would like pinking sheers  because the strings/fringe on the fabric drive me crazy. 

Now on to a narrow hem.  At first I made my fold a little big but I fixed it. One thing I am learning about sewing is that it is  precise and you need to be patient.

Here are my samples. Next week we will be starting our aprons. 

Here are some other sewing projects I did Getting Biby and Snack Bag.

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