Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentines Day Banner

I love having a little something up for all the holidays. It helps get the kids a lot more excited about a holiday.  So I was super excited to do this banner and it was so simple and easy. 
My first step was taking apart the old banner, which was super easy all I had to do was remove the ribbon from it. Once that was done I hole punched all my playing cards  two times, one on each side. Next I figured out my layout and strung the old banner papers in with the cards.

After everything was strung I hung it up so I could check it out and get my spacing right. At this point I cut my ribbon between 4-6 inches, once all were cut I tied them on the ribbon making a single knot. 

Here is my end result and I must say I loved it. Seriously obsessed with it, so much I have made a St. Patrick's one and its already hanging up.  Make sure to watch my blog for the St. Patrick’s one because I made an extra one to give away.

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