Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Organizing My Kitchen Sink

How embarrassing is this? Yes, this is really what it looked liked under my kitchen sink. It drove me nuts. I never wanted to open it to get anything out let alone pull everything out to find what I need I searched on Pinterest for an idea. I found an idea I love which was putting a curtain rod in the cabinet to hang your products on. 

So off to Joann’s to look for a curtain rod, I found on for $5.97. When I got back home I pulled everything out and looked for anything I had multiples of and combined them into a single bottle.  Next I trashed anything that was expired or hadn’t been used in two years- I had a trash can overflowing.  Then I grabbed my cleaning bucket to put any sponges, rags and other cleaning products I use only when clean the whole house. 

I placed everything back in neatly. It still looks super full under there but that’s because we have a water filter taking up a large portion of space. Its so nice I love i.  I can open the cabinet to grab something without  having to fend off a kid while I dig through a giant mess. 

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Do you find that the bottles tend to swing down or off if they're too heavy?


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