Thursday, September 25, 2014

Concord Grapes - Gardening

One of the first things I did when moving to Boise was to get my garden up and going. The house already had two garden boxes. The only plant alive was a Concord Grape vine that was laying on its side in one of the boxes.   They weren't maintained at all, they were literally growing in a giant pile. The person before actually had tried to support them to stand up with a tomato cage, which had fallen over.  We had to cut the tomato cage out and figure out how we would support the existing vine.

 Brandon helped me build a new support system for it. We had to do this very careful as we didn't want to hurt the plant. Brandon started spreading the plant out and pounding 1x1 steaks into the ground.  Then we lifted the plant up as much as we could and put another 1x1 steak connecting the two vertical steaks.  We started in the center of the plant and built outward until the entire plant was supported.  I also had to trim some up of the concord grape plant up to thin it up.

The concord grapes started growing like crazy. They were so tiny to start then quickly grew to be a little bigger than a marble.

The concord grapes stayed green until last last day in August. Then all of a sudden they changed colors. The taste also improved from tart to sweet. It was a little weird when you first bite into them. It was sweet like Welches Grape juice when your teeth broke through the skin. The skin separated very easy from the meat on the fruit which was green. When you bite into the green part that wrapped the seed it was more tart, not at all sweet but still yummy. It tripped me out because I was questioning myself if they were ready or not. I read online that around 3 weeks from the time they change colors you want to pick them.  You want them to be a dark purple color, almost black.  But really you pick depending on the taste.

Here is a picture before I harvested the grapes. 

Harvest day for the concord grapes the first day we got 10lbs. I waited a week to harvest the rest of the grapes which was 15lbs. So from one grape plant I got 25lbs. 

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