Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lunch Box Lunches - Bento

Lunch box lunches...really I like to think of them as lunches with a smile. 

The first week of school I thought don't kids get tired of the same thing over and over? Doesn't opening up their lunch to see the same thing day in and day out get old?  Although Hunter really likes sandwiches, I try to change the idea up. You will still see lots of sandwiches and strawberries, as those two are things he loves to eat. I try and ask him what he would like in his lunch, but he tells me whatever you want mom. Then after school all ask him what do you like best about your lunch today Hunter his response that you made it.  I don't think of a plan ahead of time, I really just walk into the kitchen then see what ideas come to me. Making the lunch takes me around 15 minutes from start to finish.  I did go on Amazon to order a couple lunch box accessories to be able to make it more creative. Now every morning he likes me to show him what his lunch is going to be for the day.

There are so many different lunch box containers out there but I went with the LunchBlox Kids for Flat Lunch. I liked that is was plastic, easy to open, and gave me options on size, plus the whole bottom is an ice pack that the containers snap into. I didn't want to end up with one I need a specially lunch box for and one that was way over priced. I was able to get two of the LunchBlox Kids for Flat Lunch for $16 which was cheaper the some of the other brands out there. The last thing I wanted to do was pay $30 for something that could leak or my child wouldn't like. I would really like to get the LunchBlox Entree Kit because that one gives to options with smaller ice packs. 

 So far I have put peanut butter and ranch in the containers, haven't had any problems with leaking. I have also done a bagel and cream cheese, and cheese and ham on a stick.


My sons kindergarden class gets a word for the week, so I try to either use that word or another word useing these cookie letters I found at Trader Joe's

On this day I decided to do half a sandwich and cheese with salmi on sticks. My children love Snack Mix by CHEEZ-IT so I tend to use that a bunch.

I recently discovered Mint Oreos and my kids love mint chip ice cream so these have been a huge hit. The white things are yogurt covered raisins. 

Below are a couple items I ordered off amazon. 

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