Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Painting for Painting and Vino

This was just the beginning of  showing me the love I have for painting. Joy and I deicide to give this a try and wow did I love it. I wasn't really to concerned at first what I was going to do with all the paintings but it was was such a outlet. 

Meggan, Judi and I did the inside of a barrel wave. I did love how Meggan did a tower instead of trees. 

Kaise and I, I  remember being so nervous to do this one. I loved this one and was hoping it would turn out well. 

The Elephant I am so in love with the way this one turned out.  

Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon paint with Kaise. We actual ran into my friend Carrie who was there with her mother and managed to get a seat next to them. 

This one was probably my hardest one I did. I actually messed it up but managed to pull it together. My mess up was most likely caused from drinking to much.  

This was my last one with Carrie and it came out great. The class for this one did not have the best instructor, she was all over the place. I don't think much people knew what to do. I felt bad for the people that went for the first time. Carrie and I decided to try to do it on our own and follow the picture. Thankfully it worked out for us. 

When I was watching a episode of RHOBH, I saw a collage of paintings and knew at that point I would do this with mine. So here they are in our breakfast room. 

I picked up this frame at Hobby Lobby on sale for $13 bucks. I used spray painted it blue then used it to frame my elephant painting.   For a little while I thought about framing them all but haven't yet made up my my mind on them. 

Now to find a place her in Boise to do some painting. 


  1. I just signed Brian and I up to do one together. I'm excited for my painting date night!
    As for the RHOBH I loved her wall of family painted cubes. I'd love that!

  2. I love how you framed the elephants and hope you do the same to the rest! I miss our paint nights!

    1. I really want to frame all of mine but Brandon says it would be to much.


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