Friday, September 19, 2014

Our New Adventure - Moving

It has been so long since I posted much with moving it pretty much jammed up my time. I thought I would go back and update a little. For the last 2 years we have contemplated moving and where to move to. We had been talking about it for so long that I think people stopped taking us seriously, they probably thought we would never leave.  We finally decided that we were going to move to Boise, Idaho. After being in our home for 5 years we/I had a ton of work to do. I say I because I did about 90% of the packing since the Brandon was working.  Yes it was exhausting and felt like the packing was never going to end.  

Another thing I did was research if we would drive our stuff ourselves or hire a company. It was a little more pricy to hire a company but we felt it was well worth it. Basically we had to pack all the boxes then they came took apart and wrapped any furniture, loaded it, drove it to Boise to unload, put the furniture back together and placed it in the correct room. This was such a nice relief. We went with Allied Van Lines and Beverly Hills Transfer. This was such a stressful thing.  I was so scared about using a moving company, because I have heard so many horror stores.  This could not be further from the truth, we had a great experience.  The workers were so nice and nothing was damaged. I would recommend them to any one in the LA and Orang County area.   

The night before the movers came I had a Painting and Vino that I did with my friend Carrie. We both really enjoy this activity and it was nice to do it one last time. I love the way this painting turned out so I was super stoked to get this one done. When I got home I then had to pack it in a box for the move. 

During our last couple nights in CA we stayed at Brandon's parents house. It was nice because then the kids had some extra time in with their cousin before we moved. 

The kids school was so nice to pack us a bag of snacks for our drive, the note they wrote us was so sweet. The school the boys attended was amazing and we were very sad to say our goodbyes there. They were like family to us. 

My girlfriend Carrie hosted a little goodbye get together for us all to say our goodbyes and give the kids one last chance to play together.  Brandon got stuck at the house with the movers so he was late to the get together and was exhausted. 

We had a party the next day for Elle's 5th birthday that the kids really wanted to go to. So we thought we could stick around for it since we had a little time to before the movers got to Boise. 

The kids had a blast. Weston and Hunter loved the pony rides, however Hailey wasn't quite as excite about it. She wanted off that pony so fast it maybe took 3 steps.

The weekend before we left Brandon's parents had a sending off us off party. It was really nice and good to see everyone before we left. 

The cousins seemed to have a great time playing together. 

This is our last photo of us taken on our old door step. Saying good bye to our old home. 

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  1. Awwww this makes me sad. :( I'm really happy you are loving your new home and had a successful move. Thanks for the link too. haha! Love you guys!


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