Monday, October 13, 2014

California Trip Part 1 of 5 Flying, Dinosaur Exhibit and Mall

Hunter had a week off school, so we thought it would be fun to try to go somewhere since we were busy this summer with the move. We talked about going to Seattle and California. Seattle we thought would be fun because the kids haven't been there and we could go to the circus. California because we had Disneyland passes that were going to expire, kids activities are free in San Diego for the month of October and we knew we weren't planning to go to California for any of the holidays coming up.  We ended up deciding on California. 

When we told the kids that we were going to be going to California they were so excited. We told them that we would be going on an airplane they were all pretty exited about that other than Hunter.  Hunter said that he'd rather drive because he doesn't like heights. Our flight departed at 8:00am, we had to be up and going pretty early.  Brandon and I were super exhausted being that we stayed up late to watch Sons of Anarchy. Thankfully the kids did really good and nobody was super crabby and they all listened well. Getting to the airport Brandon dropped the kids and I off at the departure area with all the luggage in the car seat, he then went to go park the car in the long-term parking. By the time he was done parking in back we almost just about have everything checked in. Going through security with the kids was super easy. I was a little more stressed out than I guess I needed to be about the security so it was a nice surprise to have it goes super smooth. We didn't have to wait long once we got to our gate, although the kids felt like it was taking forever to load. Once we are on the plane each kid had their own seat being now that all of our kids are not under 2.  It's kind of crummy to have to pay for all the seats but it is nice to have everybody have there own space. On the airplane we let the kids have iPads with their headphones that pretty much kept them entertained the whole flight.  By the time we got to Phoenix for one and only stop the kids were a little bit restless, especially Hailey. Once the plane took off again it was better because they knew they couldn't walk around.  Once we landed in LA the kids were super excited, however they were a little annoyed that we had to wait to get a rental car.  At the rental car place they were saying they were so hungry. Once we were loaded we went to In'N'Out, the kids crashed out with in minutes of our drive there.  After we got food we headed over to Brandon's parents house where we were staying for the week. 

The next day I took the kids to the Wonder of the Dinosaurs Exhibit in the Laguna Hills mall with Brandon's parents. My kids love dinosaurs, especially Hunter.  He has always been very interested in them. I thought this would be a fun activity. There was a lot of robotic dinosaurs, bounce houses, coloring, mini golf, searching  for shark teeth finding fossils etc. The kids had so much fun there they ran around like crazy literally and out of one bounce house to another. There are probably about 6 to 7 different bounce house plus one in the back room that was a maze. It was nice because there wasn't too many people there.  Brandon's parents were so in awe that the place was pretty much empty.

I thought the kids would be super excited about the robot dinosaur but I had to do a little bit of convincing to get them to go where the robotic dinosaurs were.  I think the loud noises from the dinosaurs made them nervous. It was pretty amazing to see all those dinosaurs moving and making sounds and the kids ended up really liking the whole exhibit.

Prior to going into the Wonder of the Dinosaur Exhibit we had seen these little ride on cars outside that the kids wanted to ride. I told them that they could do it after. When were done we stopped over for them to jump on and have a quick little ride on the machines in the mall. It was such a great activity and I definitely recommend it to you if it was in your area. Plus it's a great way to let your kids jump off a ton of energy.

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  1. Hahaha. You were up late watching Sons of Anarchy. ��


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