Thursday, October 16, 2014

California Trip Part 2 of 5 Seaworld

Prior to going to California we asked the kids what they wanted to do.  We asked if they wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land or Sea World.  The kids are really into Orcas and wanted to see what they really looked like up close and personal so they chose to go to Sea World. Sea World seems to be such a touchy subject for people after the movie Blackfish which we have seen but our kids really wanted to go. So that's were they we went. 

We wanted to get an early start on the day so we woke up and headed straight to Sea World. Brandon's mom, sister and nephew joined us. The whole month of October the kids eat, stay and play free in San Diego so if you want to plan a trip there go in October. 

Upon entering the park the flamingos were walking along taking up the entire path.  The kids stopped to watch - they thought the flamingos were so awesome.  After that we went off to do the dolphin encounter. At the dolphin encounter there were five Dolphins with an instructor in different sections of the pool. The instructors would  instruct the dolphin to do certain tricks. I was able to get up close to the side with Hunter so he was able to touch the dolphins tail. He was super excited about that, although what 5 year old wouldn't be excited to touch a dolphin.

After the dolphin encounter we headed over to the pets rule show. This was really a great show and the kids had so much fun watching all the different tricks that pets had to do. They got to see dogs,  cats, birds, kangaroos and more doing incredible tricks. This show was probably the highlight of the day at Sea World.

 At the end of the show the kids got to pet a cat, kangaroo and dog. It is amazing how soft Kangaroos are.

The Penguin's were fun to watch. They were moving around so much. They didn't really seem to grab the kids attention to much. I think we blazed through this exhibit. 

The next exhibit was the Beluga Whale, which was fascinating for the kids. They just stood there and watched them for quite some time. The whale would swim right passed the window they were at over and over again. After the whales we rushed over to see the sharks before Ryder, Meggan and Judi went on their own way.

After the sharks we were off to Dine with Shamu but on are way there we saw you could feed the seals. I asked the kids if they wanted to.  What kid is going to say no to feeding seals?  Well then they saw that that they would have to actually pick a fish up with their hands to throw to the seals. I think this was the deal breaker.  Hunter's exact words were "No way, you do it!"  So I did I grabbed the little fish by the tail and threw it to the seals.

Dine with Shamu was ok, but not really worth the price you pay.  There are 3 rows of tables, so if you are in the third you don't really get to see the 10 minute show very well. After the show we took the kids over to go on some of the rides before we left. They loved the rides of coarse and all the kids were able to go on everything. 

Before we headed back to Orange County went to see Brandon's cousin Jessica and her kiddos. We only visited for a short time  being we had to head back for dinner. On the drive back we sat in so much traffic it was really quite annoying after moving away. I am so glad we don't have to deal with traffic like that on a regular basis. 

2 hours later we got to Brandon's parents house where we had to rush to get ready to go to Ruth Chris for dinners for Brandon's best friend Scott's birthday celebration dinner. We got lucky too because we didn't have the kids, they stayed with Brandon's mom and sister. We had a great dinner and long day so we were pretty much exhausted. 

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