Wednesday, October 22, 2014

California Trip Part 3 of 5: Disneyland

Part 3 of our trip was to Disneyland.  It was great and the kids had a blast. This was one thing the kids were super stoked about doing. Mickey Mouse was the big talk of our house before leaving to California. When we lived in California the kids and I would go to Disneyland all the time but this time was even better since the hubby was going and Hailey was older. It may sound funny to mention avout Hailey being older but it made a huge difference with lines, excitement level and she could go on most every thing we went on.  

We parked at Downtown Disney and road the monorail in so that we would ride right into the middle of the park. It was a hot day by California standards, but after being in Boise it felt like nothing. The lines weren't bad which was nice.  We got to go on 11 rides which is not bad for being at the park from 10am to 3:30pm.

The boys were funny on the rides they would sit with the hubby and say this is a boys only team. The boys only team has been huge in our home lately. Its been boys only for everything. Thank god for Hailey or I would totally be out voted, we have just gotten better at batting our eyes to get what we want. Hunter was able to go on Star Tours for the first time with Brandon and he loved it. It has been huge for him, once we got home its been Star Wars everything. Weston, Hailey and I went on the Astro Blasters which they loved. Hailey was spinning our rocket around and Weston was taking down the bad guys.

The Golden Horseshoe Saloon was where we had lunch, after lunch I ordered us ice cream nachos. Boy were they yummy. It had 2 scoops of mint chip and 1 scoop vanilla on waffle chips topped with chocolate syrup, whip cream and chocolate sprinkles. The kids devoured them. I would definitely suggest this sweet treat if your going to park anytime time soon. Another thing that was a big hit with the kiddos was Mater's Junk Yard ride. Tossing turning and squishing into each other brought tons of giggles. 

All and all the family had a great day spending time together. It was so nice having Brandon go with us and everyone be big enough to enjoy all the rides. 

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  1. 11 rides in 5 hours! Wow! Looks like it was an excellent Disney day. :D


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