Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY: Refinishing a Pedestal Table and Chairs

This table turned out amazing and I love it! So let me start with telling you how I got this table which is pure luck. One night I was online and saw somebody was selling a round table and chairs for $100.00. I had always wanted a round pedestal table. I was like sign me up for this table, I went to the hubby to tell me. He was like "we don't need another table especially since we were going to be moving." He just burst my bubble, so sad right? 

Well, the next day I was walking with the kids around the block. I stopped to talk to my neighbor when I saw she had a pedestal table and 6 chairs in her garage. I asked her if she was going to refinish it since she has refinished a bunch of furniture. I then proceeded to tell her how I wanted to get a pedestal table. She was like you can have this table. What, really? I was so excited! She told me the story about how she got it and her hubby would be happy to get it out. Both our hubby's didn't want to deal with us and our table issues. When Brandon got home from work I was so excited to tell him. I knew he would respond like we aren't buying another table we don't need it. So I knew exactly how I would come back. When he started to tell me no I responded with a smirk "you can't argue with free", really you can't. So I got to keep this fabulous table that I had big plans for. As soon that conversation ended I was outside digging into my project and writing a list of the things I needed before I headed off to Lowes

This is what it looked like before, the top was all scratched up and fabric was full of stains. 

The hubby and I first started removing the table top from the pedestal. Then I sanded the top of the table removing the finish and stain. I started with 100 grit sand paper then moved to a finer grit sand paper in stages. 

Around 9pm that night the awesome neighbor that gave me the table came over to help me paint the table and chairs using Valspar White Flat Spray Paint(I used 12 cans). Before painting we wiped the chairs and pedestal with a damp rag to remove the dust.  I think we were up painting until 11:30pm.  I also put the wood stain on the table top. I bought Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain 1-Quart Willow Oil Wood Stain. Which I loved the color its like a bleached white wash.  I am a super fan the two tone look. We really had a great time chatting and working on the project. 

The next morning I went to Joann Fabric to find a fabric to reupholster the chairs. I found two fabrics I like so I texted the hubby for a second opinion. One was a red and the other the blues. The hubby said the blues so I grabbed 6 yards of that and 1 yard of of a plastic fabric.  You know like the kind that you can hear your skin ripping off when you get up. I got the plastic fabric to cover my daughters chair that has a booster seat on.

Once I got home I started to put a second top of paint on the chairs and pedestal, then let them dry. While the chairs and pedestal dried I worked on reupholster the cushions for the chairs. I started that by pulling the old fabric off and checking the foam. I used the old fabric as a pattern to cut the new fabric. When cutting was done I started wrapping the fabric around the cushions and stapling it in with 1/2 inch staples. I stapled all the corners, then did one side followed by the opposite side pulling the fabric tight. I saw was checking to make sure all the patterns on the fabric were hitting in the same part on the cushion.  This process probably took me about 1.5 hours to do 6 chairs.

When the chairs and pedestal finished drying I rubbed a wood wax on them and put the table top on the pedestal. Next I gave my table top a lite sand with super fine sand paper. With a damp rag I wiped the table top to pick up any dust before I started to seal my table top. The sealer was a satin sealer that was put on the over the stain. 


Brandon screwed all the cushions on the chairs for me. Then we let the pedestal table and chairs sit in the garage for 24 hours. Refinishing this table and chairs took up my whole weekend.  Thanks to my awesome neighbor and hubby for there help.

Here is the after! Aren't you just so in love with this? I know I sure am. Refinishing this pedestal table is on my top 10 favorite projects I have done. Whats your favorite DIY projects that you have done?

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