Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Entry Table Halloween Decorations

Yay for Halloween! My kids love Halloween which makes decorating even more exciting. Once my kids see Halloween stuff in the stores they hound me to decorate the house. Since moving I have more room which means more decorations. I am working on adding new decorations while still using what I have. I normally buy a couple things every year to add to my collection. I like to buy both expensive and inexpensive items, then mix them together .  The photo below is my entry table which needed to be decorated. I love the way it turned out and it was not expensive at all and really so easy to do. 

Here is a before and after. 

Skull lights from Target $3.00

Soft chain from TPT $12.97

Eye balls from Target $3.00
2 bags of Candy Corn $2.97 each
Small Witches Broom from Target $3.00
2 Glitter Pumpkins from Target $2.00 each
1 pack of fall leaves from Joann $3.99
2 Spider web sticks from TPT $2.97 each 
1 Black Cheesecloth from Target $5.00

I also used 3 jars in different sizes,  I had laying around. 

Here is a shot without the leaves. I like it better with the leaves. 

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