Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leaf Craft - Making a Turkey

How cute is the leaf turkey? I came across an idea like this on baby center. The one I found was just on a white piece of paper, I thought it would be better with more color. I have a sick kid at home so this gave us something to do without leaving the house. Plus with fall here and leaves changing it gives us a huge variety of colors to chose from. The kids and I set out on a leaf hunt in the backyard, filling their pumpkin buckets with different colors, sizes, shapes and textures. They had so much fun who knew the backyard could have such a wonderful adventure. 

Once we got our leaves, we were ready to head in to get all our other supplies ready. The nice thing about this turkey leaf craft is you most likely have all this stuff in your home. I used a pencil, scissors, circle ruler, tap glider/dispenser, black marker and paper in 4 different shades: blue, green, tan and brown. I also use some shimmer spray on one which is totally an option.  


Paper (used 3 different colors)
Tape Glider/ dispenser (I use a Scotch CAT 085 Advanced Tape Glider, everyone should have one)
Circle Ruller
Black marker

How to:

First step drawing and cutting two different circle sizes 5 inch and 2 inches.
Then  ripe a 2 inch thick strip on the green off for the grass and tape is down with your tape glider. 
Take your tape glider and make half a start the lay your leafs down. 

Tape your large circle over the leafs. 
Make two tape lines with your glider and lay your leafs on for the wings. 
Tape your small circle over a tip of the wings. 
Cut a leaf for the beak and one for the wattle after tape them on.
Finish it up by by giving you turkey an eye and legs using your black marker. 

Here are a picture on my kids Leaf Craft. There turkeys turned out so great something for all ages to do. 


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