Thursday, October 23, 2014

Refinishing a Kids Table and Chairs

Since we had moved I want to set up Hailey a girlie room. It has taken me time to get it all together. One thing I knew I wanted was a table in her room. She loves playing tea party and kitchen stuff. I was going to order one from ikea but then I thought why not get a used kids table and refinish it.  I found the table with chairs on craigslist for a great price.

Picking it up is a funny story. I am a extremely paranoid person and I mean like over the top paranoid. Driving to pick it up I started to think "I know nothing about this area what if its in a bad area, I forgot to give Brandon the address to where I was going." Driving through the neighborhood my thoughts started to get the best of me. I pulled up thinking I am not going in I'll text and say I am here. When I did the girl came out and said its around back. My thoughts "oh shit I have to go around back I am dead this is it." We were walking to the backyard I kept a good 15 feet behind her incase I needed to run. Once I got to the gate I looked back to check if anyone may be following me. Then the girl proceeded to tell me its in the shed. I started to break a sweat and my thoughts went crazy at this point with how I was going to escape if I needed to. What if somebody comes up behind me, grabs me and they lock me in this shed. Anyhow I wouldn't go in the shed I waited for her to hand the table and chairs out to me. After getting the kids table and chairs in the car, I jumped in the car with such a relief of surviving. So yeah lets just say I am a little paranoid. LOL. 

Now back to refinishing the kids table. I laid cardboard out and wiped the whole table down. Then I used Lowes White Valspar Color Radiance spray paint.  I covered the whole table in one coat. Once it dried I sprayed a second coat. 

After I painted the table I did the same process with the chairs but in I did a mint green color. Once all the white and mint green paint dried I then spray painted a clear coat. It looks a little darker in the picture than in person.  Hailey was super happy about her table and pretty much uses it every day. 

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