Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas Wreath with Ornaments

During this time of year I love to brighten up my front door with a beautiful wreath. Who doesn't love to display a beautiful holiday wreath on their front door? But yet they can be so pricey. Its crazy! I was  recently at Mom2mom which is similar to MOPS and one of my friends was making a wreath like this, she said she made it for $6. My jaw dropped. I talked with her to find out all the info to make a wreath. Its was seriously prefect timing because I had a Pinterest Party that night. We had to make and bring 3 identical items all for $5 each, so this was a prefect fit. Since the wreath costed more I just decided to make the wreath smaller to stay on budget.  When I finished I was so excited with the way the wreath turned out it was absolutely beautiful. 

4  small tubes of plastic Christmas bulbs from the Dollar Tree.
2 medium tubes of plastic Christmas bulbs from the Dollar Tree.
1 wire hanger (I found this in my closet from the dry cleaners).
Gorilla Glue or similar.

1. Take all the bulbs out of the plastic tubes then glue the top on them, put them in a bowl to dry. This helps so they don't pop off the hanger.  

2. While the glue is drying grab your hanger and form it into a circle. If you have a bowl you can use it as a guide. Once you have a circle and it doesn't have to be prefect.  Unthread your hanger at this point as well. 

3. Now you will start to weave the bulbs on to the wire hanger on the side of the hanger that doesn't have the hook. I didn't do any specific pattern, I just put the bulbs on in any order.  The bulbs will start to gather.

4. Once your hanger is full you will thread your hanger back together and give a little extra twist.

5. Add a ribbon for the bow, tying it to the top of your hanger. This step is totally optional.

This craft is so easy, cheap and fast. You will have a amazing holiday wreath in no time at all.  

I made 3 wreaths; 2 with ribbons and 1 without. The ribbon was at the the Dollar Tree too. 

Here are some of the crafts from the Pinterest Party. Not one person made the same thing. We had to get up and talk about our craft then draw 3 peoples names from a bowl and those are the 3 that got that craft. I left with Moon Shine and bath salts, chalk board candle holder and kids entertainment box for the car.  


  1. This is so cute! We put mostly personal ornaments up on the tree, so our regular ones are stored in a box-- I think I'll have to make a wreath with them!

  2. Great wreath! I normally make mine from the tree trimming we get from where we buy our tree. Love this idea.

  3. Love this post! I haven't actually done a Christmas wreath like this one so thank you so much for sharing your DIY! :)

  4. This is so cute and festive! I love it!

  5. What a cute idea and it doesn't sound all that difficult! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. This is such a cute idea! There is something so festive and pretty about ornaments like this, so it is fun to be able to use them in more ways.

  7. An absolutely gorgeous wreath! Such a festive addition!

  8. What a beautiful idea! I want to make something different for this year- I think thses are perfect AND the kids can help!

  9. This is such a neat idea! Love it. Though I'd be afraid to drop them when putting them together haha

  10. What a beautiful project and expensive as well which is nice.

  11. Cute! I've seen a lot of these around lately! I might need to make one....:)

  12. This is very creative and so cost effective I wouldn't mind hanging this on my door

  13. Ah! This post is reminding me that I've been meaning to make one of these now for a couple of years!! I love these kinds of wreaths! :)

  14. This is such a lovely idea! I definitely want to recreate this. I may even do this for our front door at home. I love wreaths!

    Katie <3

  15. a couple of my friends have done this and I always admire it... I have to keep this in mind for next year ;o)

  16. Pinning!!!! This is beautiful and yet I think I can make it. Lovely.

    Thrifting Diva

  17. Wow, that's great that you can do that with a hanger! For some reason, I thought those were made with a foam doughnut in the middle.. But I really like the hanger idea better because it's easier (string vs glue), and you could take it apart for easier storage. :)



  18. I made a similar Christmas ball wreath this year out of a coat hanger and it was near impossible to get the thing twisted back around the hook. So I didn't. My husband did some kind of maguiver manoeuvre and it took forever for it to close up. Now it's kinda triangle shaped and not round. At least it looks homemade? :( Lol.

  19. That's really pretty. What a creative and unique idea.


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